Eyewear market study of China / China market projection for 2024-2026 / Include detailed market studies of current optical frames, sunglasses, contact lenses, AR glasses, VR glasses, and main market players, main brands and chains.

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Table of Content

1 Research on the development environment of China’s optical industry

  1. Market environment 
  2. Legislative environment 
  3. Social development environment

2 Development of the eyeglasses industry in China

  1. Develoment of the eyeglasses market
  2. Development of the lens market
  3. Development of the frame market

3 Information on consumer demand in the chinese eyewear industry 

  1. General information on consumer demand
  2. Information on consumer demand for myopia glasses for adults
  3. Inflrmation on consumer demand for myopia glasses for children and teenagers 
  4. Information on consumer demand for reading glasses for seniors

 4 Analysis of future development trends of the eyewear industry 

  1. Outlook of the lens market 
  2. Outlook of the glasses frames
  3. Outlook of main market players’ brands
  4. Outlook for off-line retails and online acquisitions 


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