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Boris Edrosa González (Visp Valais, Switzerland. 1992): is a Spanish photographer who is attracted to fashion as a creative vehicle where different disciplines and techniques can be combined (film, virtual animation, 3D). Since he was a child he was interested in the field of arts but he did not feel any special attention for photography until beginning his studies in the Bachelor of Fine Arts of the UCM (Madrid), which he left for study the Official Degree of Photography in Escuela TAI (URJC, Madrid) being part of the first national promotion that finished that kind of studies. 

In practice, he leans towards research in relation to how changes in the image of the digital age have repercussions in a professional, social and creative way in the field of fashion photography, where the concepts surrounding this discipline begin to fade. It moves away from the idea of ​​serving photography to serve the image itself since the freedom provided by the mix of current programs and techniques allows a closer approximation to the idea that a creator has in mind.

The themes he deals with usually adapt to the projects he does with other artists or creators, although he always suggests a mystical, unreal and dreamy approach.

WEB: www.borisedrosa.com

Photography, retouch and video: Boris Edrosa IG: @boris_edrosawww.borisedrosa.com 

Designer: Euphemio Fernández IG: @euphemiofernandezwww.notjustalabel.com/euphemio-fernandez 

Jewellery: Pretty Rumour IG: @prettyrumour www.prettyrumour.com 

Patricia Nicolás IG: @patricianicolas patricianicolas.com ) and Xtellar IG:@xtellar_Project www.notjustalabel.com/xtellar 

Sunglasses: Xylvester IG: @xysunglass www.xylvester.com 

Hat: That Hat IG:@thathatmadrid  thathatmadrid.com 

Models: Gema Zhou IG: @gema_mst

Guillermo Martín IG: @horseblinder

Mariang Maturana IG: @capulla.sixtina

Styling: Irene Flores IG: @iirene.flores

MUAH: Catalino Vega IG: @linovega_

Andrea Pérez IG: @andrewperez96

Music Video: Adrián Crespo IG: @acrespobarba WEB:www.acrespobarba.com 

Assistant: Rubén Aranda IG: @rubenamphoto

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